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(April 1995)


"Zombie Squad. You can find 'em. and you need 'em. You wanna become a zombie.. errr. scaring people". and so goes the rousing recruitment call for the Zombie Squad!

The mission of the Zombie Squad is to scare. To scare to get results!
Currently however, the Zombie Squad are having trouble achieving any kind of result. Whether it's a simple attempt at intimidating a passer by into handing over some cash, or whether it's a more organised scare on a local shop, the Zombie Squad don't seem to be getting anywhere at all.

The film shows us the rigorous zombie training that all applicants have to go through to become a proper, scary zombie. But when the shuffling walk fails, and the zombie moan stirs little response from their victims, they turn to desperate measures and learn the 'terrifying' "Dance of the Zombies".

Although they are mostly in it for personal gain, the squad also attempt to use their scare tactics for the public good. First, by trying to scare a couple of underage smokers, and then by performing the "Dance of the Zombies" in front of a room of hunt saboteurs. Sadly for the Zombie Squad, they fail on both occasions to scare anyone into doing anything. So, despite the marginal success of scaring a free leaflet out of one shop, they decide to call it a day.

The Zombie Squad leader wants to be left alone, so heads off home. But it seems that the trainees have become truly zombified and continue to follow their leader. Much to the leader's annoyance.





At the end of the film, a caption reads: "This film was made in a day. Not too hard to spot was it"

The head zombie of the zombie squad is referred to as Mad Terry. The character of Mad Terry also appears in Smalltime and is again played by Dominic Dillon.

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The Zombie Squad Leader
Shane Meadows

Head Zombie
Dominic Dillon

The Zombie Squad
Played by many people!

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