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(March 1995) - Written by Shane Meadows


Black Wiggow tells the story of one young woman's double life as devoted mother and serial killer!

After calling a babysitter for the day, she sets out to ensnare another unwary man so that she can later despatch him like she has all the other men that have entered her life.

As the murderess "Black Wiggow" meets up with another unsuspecting man, the babysitter lounges about the house and helps himself to tea.
As the time goes on and all the tea starts taking effect, the babysitter soon needs to relieve himself (and the boredom) with a a trip to the bathroom.. But it is in the bathroom that he finds the first of the bodies!
The first body is that of her boyfriend Mat found lying in the bath after a frying pan attack a few days earlier.
The second body is that of Shane the director who suffered death by rusty garden shears.

The final body that the babysitter disovers is that of a workman who was killed by a deadly syringe.
After discovering all the carnage throughout the house, the babysitter heads up stairs to grab the baby and make his escape..... But he's too late!. "Black Wiggow" returns home with her latest victim to be, and despatches him with a shoe in full view of the babysitter.
Has she really been killing off all these men just so she can get together with the babysitter, or does she still have other plans?





Murderess "Black Wiggow"
Dena Waldegrave

The Boyfriend
Mat Hand

The Babysitter
Steve Watson
The Director
Shane Meadows

The Handyman

The Last Victim

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