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WHERE'S THE MONEY, RONNIE? - (3rd edition)

(January 1995) - Written by Shane Meadows


This version of "Where's the Money, Ronnie?" is pretty much the same as the final 12 minute version which was released to accompany the film "Smalltime".
The major differences between the two however, is that this version has an extended ending and uses different music for the score.. To read the synopsis for the film, take a look at the 1996 "Where's the Money, Ronnie?" page by clicking HERE

After the police interviews have been conducted, captions reveal that Ronnie is sentenced to life in prison.. But because Ronnie agrees to be in this documentary, prison life is very cushy for him and we get to see him cleaning, excercising and even dancing in his cell.

Further captions are shown which reveal that, three months before Ronnie's release he met Jesus in his cell.. Three days after that, Ronnie became a vicar.
The film then cuts to one month after Ronnie's release when we find him at St Mary's Church.

Ronnie is not the only one at St Mary's though.. Jock of the Spoono is working for Ronnie as a groundsman, keeping the graveyard tidy.. It seems as though Ronnie's new Christian values have allowed himself to forgive Jock for conspiring against him during the investigation..This may well be the case, but it doesn't stop Ronnie from having a bit of fun by winding Jock up every now and again when he's trying to work.



"Pick all those up and I'll make you a nice corned beef and mustard sandwich."



Shane Meadows

Benny Bould
Mat Hand

Jock of the Spoono
Jimmy Hynd

Zico Marzetti
Paul Anderson

Rico Marzetti
Mick Pritchard

Chico Marzetti
John Powell

Kev Marzetti
Mark Roper

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