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WHERE'S THE MONEY, RONNIE? - (2nd edition)

(July 1994) - Written by Shane Meadows


Having finished his money collecting rounds for the day, Ronnie is at a bit of a loose end, so he calls up his boss to see if he has any more work for him to do.. Turns out that Kevin Carr owes some money, which is handy for Ronnie, because he wants a little word with Kevin anyway..

It seems that Kevin had told his friend Jock an amusing anecdote about an incident that occured while Ronnie was still living at home (Ronnie's parents went out for the night but came back unexpectedly early, only to find Ronnie enjoying a porn video and two packs of chips).. Worse than that though, Jock has been re-telling the story to the lads down the pub.
After Ronnie thinks he has sorted Kevin out, he gets a nasty surprise when he hears that Chinkey Perfick is on his case!



In this second edition of "Where's the Money, Ronnie?" Shane reprises the role of Ronnie the debt collector, but also brings in a host of new characters which he once again performs himself.

The production values have stepped up a notch with this short.. There are multiple external locations used and Shane tries out some more cinematic camera work.. Not only that, but it is the first film by Shane to feature a music based sequence where Ronnie is getting ready to visit Kevin Carr's house (Shane has now become famous for such montages in his films).. But perhaps most importantly, the film also features the first useage of wigs, false moustaches and eyebrows!



This second "Where's the Money, Ronnie?" is the first of Shane's films to use the "Big Arty Productions" name.

With Shane making the film entirely on his own, the more adventurous production values meant greater risks being taken with the equipment.. Shots featuring a character walking down the street for example would involve Shane having to set up the camera across the street, then run back to do the performance.. Sometimes it was a race to get a shot done before the camera was pinched!


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Kevin Carr
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Chinkey Perfick
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Jock of the Spoono
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