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(December 1994) - Written by Shane Meadows


"It was the morning of the 12th of December 1994".... and so begins The Pasta Twist, a story of a leisurely day in the life of the wanna-be Italian gangsters, the Marzetti brothers..
The brothers call each other on their early 90's mobile phones and arrange to meet up for a game of cards.. The card game doesn't last too long however as they just can't resist rounding of their perfect day of leisure with a quick dance in the street... The Pasta Twist!

Apart from one opening line of dialogue, the film tells the days events through the visuals and the music alone.
As well as the card game and the closing dance, the brothers are also shown light-heartedly sparring with one another in the streets, having a communal smoke, and enjoying further use of their mobile phones (no doubt on a call with the Godfather of the Midlands).



Rico, Zico, and Chico

The Pasta Twist



The Marzetti Brothers make an appearance in the 1996 versions of "Where's The Money, Ronnie?", although only Paul Anderson reprises his role of Zico Marzetti.

The card game in this film is referred to in the 1996 versions of "Where's The Money, Ronnie?" during Zico Marzetti's police interview where he says, "... it's good for the mental arithmetic and alertness".

The music to which the Marzetti brothers perform the 'Pasta Twist' dance at the end of the film is the music which is used for the opening of the 1996 version of "Where's The Money, Ronnie?".



Rico Marzetti
Shane Meadows

Zico Marzetti
Paul Anderson

Chico Marzetti
James Hynd


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