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(September 1994) - Written by Shane Meadows


The Murderer is the story of a dark period in the life of a money collector and is told as a monologue straight to camera by the money collector himself.
The story he tells is one of jealousy and betrayal:

" I don't know why these people get involved in organisations.. but they do and he was in mine.
I had a girlfriend, you know, and there was obviously something between em.
Now, as a bloke, you can't accept it. You don't wanna admit it cos you feel like a fool, you know.. you feel like a right fucking arsehole. "

The story he tells soon turns to revenge:

" I said to him, as a person I let you get away with a lot.. you get away with a fucking lot. Most other people that talk to me like you, I give em a beating....
I shot him... in the balls... and the feet. and through the eye. "  


The Murderer
Shane Meadows

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