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(October 1994)


Little Man, is a short documentary about the experiences of two of Shane's friends (Matt Hand and Dena Waldegrave) shortly after the birth of their first son.. Dena talks of the highs and lows of pregnancy.. From her own sickness and mood changes, to Matt's increasingly 'batty' behaviour being reflected in his increasingly mad hair styles.


Shane opens the film with a short introduction read out to camera.....

" This documentary that you're about to see looks into the lives of my friends, Matt and Dena, Hand and Waldegrave shortly after the birth of their first son..
I HOORAHED in the high times, and lulled in the low times.. For three whole days I became a part of their world.. I knew it would be hard, I knew it would smell.. But most of all I knew I had to do it..
Now join me in our journey to the one thing that links us all with the whole animal kingdom and our ancestors.. KIDS!! "



Matt and Dena appear in a number of Shane's other short films, but also both appear in Smalltime (as Kate and Malc).. Matt Hand also appears in Twentyfour Seven as Fagash.

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