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(August 1994) - Written by Shane Meadows


Crime fighters, Tank Bullock, Smokey Bacon and Mega Bytzzzzz get caught up in a spate of underwear theft on their own turf.. With 15 seperate washing lines having had under garments pilfered from them at about the same time, the lads soon realise they probably have a gang of 'smalls time' fetishists to contend with.. The lads call in Chief Stottie (via their 'radio dart' communication device) and he reveals a tip off to where the criminals may be hiding out.. The haggis factory!

Using the funky stylings of a 70's cop show, The Datsun Connection was Shane's first short in which he didn't go it alone, and instead used a number of friends to take on roles.. The film gets it's name from the two Datsun cars featured in the film.. One car is used by the crime-fighting gang and one is used as a getaway car by one of the pant fellons in a climactic high speed car chase.





The Datsun Connection contains the first appearance of a character that goes by the name of Tank Bullock.. The Tank Bullock in this film however, is an entirely different character to that which appears in the Shane's World shorts, "Tank's Top Tips".

Paul Fraser who plays Mega Bytzzzzz later collaborated with Shane on the scripts for Twentyfour Seven, A Room For Romeo Brass, and Once Upon a Time In The Midlands.



Tank Bullock
Shane Meadows

Smokey Bacon
Robin Gill

Mega Bytzzzzz
Paul Fraser

Chief Clive Stottie
Paul Anderson

Filthy Bum
JImmy Hynde

Loud American Type
Angela Coulombe

Victorian Bhuna
Simon 'Worzel' Powell

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