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(2000) - Written by Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine


The Shane's World project for Channel 4 is a guide to low budget film making which features four short films, film making tips and a collection of spoof advertisements.
All four of the short films star Shane Meadow's long term friend, Paddy Considine, now famous for playing Morrell in A Room For Romeo Brass, and Richard in Dead Man's Shoes.
The project as a whole is intended to help and inspire budding film-makers by showing the techiniques and tips that can help make a great short film for little or no money.

The introduction to Shane's World takes the form of Shane offering a prayer to ask for help getting back into short films after his work on his feature films.
Although this is presented as a light-hearted opening to Shane's World, it does reflect Shane's real presumption (prior to making Shane's World), that it would be easy to get back into making low-budget shorts.. The reality however, was that he had started to lose touch with his small-scale projects, and that a change of attitude was necessary to get back into them.

"I'm low Lord, I'm not much fun to live with.
They were all playing Monopoly last night and I didn't play."




A kind hearted football fanatic helps to build confidence and team-work skills in a group of young lads by holding regular football training sessions in his spare time.. He hopes that one day his training and his belief in the kids will help him to fulfil his dream of creating a local team.

"I was the first kid in Liverpool to have titanium braces"

The idea for Macca's Men arose from Paddy Considine trying out different wigs , false teeth and outfits that Shane had bought from a local charity shop.. When a large set of ugly false teeth were tried out by Paddy, the character was born..
With the teeth in place, Paddy began improvising a character and within a couple of hours, the film was being made at the local park.. Only an hour or two before this, there was no idea at all.



A documentary film-maker ventures into local woodland to meet up with a mysterious man that claims to have been living in the woods for three years.

"The trees don't judge. The foxes and spring rabbits, they don't judge me."

The idea for this film was to create a mysterious character and a somewhat spooky atmosphere by using a mock documentary style.. Shane Meadows plays the film-maker (who is only heard from behind the camera) who is drawn deeper and deeper into the woods by the slightly unnerving character played by Paddy Considine.

At one point during the filming of this short, Shane and Paddy encountered members of the public rambling in the woods.. Instead of cutting this unplanned encounter with members of the public, they decided to incoporate the footage and use it to help tell the story they ended up making.



Italian-American Toni Moroni comes over to the MIdlands in the UK to help his Uncle Poppa Squeeze turf out the 'student pricks' that are hanging around his coffee shop.. While he is in the UK, Toni learns about the Student Loan scheme, and turns it to his advantage.

"You think you can hide from me moving in with your Grandmother..?.."

With Shane being a big fan of Martin Scorcese, this film features a smalltime, Italian-American gangster as a kind of homage to Scorcese's gangster films.
In this film, Shane also demonstrates some different techniques for stylish camera shots, fight scenes and contrasting character traits.. Not only that, but it succesfully demonstrates how you can combine inspiration from your favourite films with your own unique voice to create something completely new (rather than simply ending up with a rip-off).



Jimmy was a promising young boxer, but a past tragedy still haunts him.

"Whatever it takes, I'm gonna let her know that I'm her father and I love her."

The plan for this film was to have a single character telling their story straight to camera, accompanied by gentle music and black and white filming.. Shane had discovered the dramatic power of this technique whilst filming Twentyfour Seven.
With simple camera work and the black and white imagery, there is nothing to distract the viewer from the focus of the film, which is the story being told by the main character.

For any budding film-maker, Shane believes that pulling off an engaging film with a single charcter telling their story to camera is great way of learning what you are capable of as a film-maker.. Of course it goes without saying, that your actor will also be learning a great deal too.



As well as the four short films, there is also a series of three short film-making guides called Tank's Top Tips.. Shane has enlisted his good mate Tank Bullock to host proceedings from his own farm with the help of his farmhand named Shag.
Tank takes you through three distinct sets of tips.... Cheap Tips, Shooting Tips, and Career Tips in his own inimitable style.

"Oh my God! Shag.. what have you done with me Mungo Cola?!"

Between sections of genuinely useful film-making tips, we get to see Tank dish out a number of kickings to Shag, as well as Tank accusing Shag of calling his Mrs a fat bitch at the chippy!



Three Tears for Jimmy Prophet was the original inspiration for Once Upon a Time in the Midlands (which originally had a working title of Standing Eight Count), but the project evolved to become very different in the end.

Most of the young lads featured in Macca's Men are relatives of Paddy Considine.



The whole of Shane's World is included on the second disc of the original DVD release of Once Upon a Time in the Midlands.

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