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Picking up the action in the Christmas of 1988, Lol is struggling to cope with what life has thrown at her. Haunted by the devastating events which took place 18 months previously, she finds her reserves of strength ebbing away. With her soul mate, Woody, heartbroken from her betrayal and in self-imposed exile from the gang, Lol becomes increasingly isolated and alone.
Shaun has started drama college and although still in a relationship with Smell, he has grown close to a young woman performing in his Christmas play.

They say Christmas is a time for forgiving and for forgetting, a time of love and laughter and joy ever after. But when all hope seems lost, what peace is there to be found? This is Christmas. This is England.

Shane on the This Is England '88:
"This Is England started off about me, but by '88 it's not really. The bit that's about me is Shaun going to college to study drama and being in a play. I was in that play, I said those lines, just look at Shaun's house and you'll see me. Everyone else has come from personal discussions [with the actors] about themselves or people they know. Otherwise you end up filling it with your own stuff and no one's that interesting."



This Is England 88 was originally planned as a one-off feature length episode, but as the amount of filmed material grew during the shoot, Shane realised he had enough footage of a high standard to make into three hours of television. Negotiations with Channel4 and Warp Films eventually lead to the agreement that the finished story would be made into three one-hour long episodes which would be screened on consecutive nights.

The first promotional image released for the series featured the main characters in a Christmas Nativity scene;

Click on the image to view the huge, high-resolution version.

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Channel 4 Press Release (PDF file)
An early press release from January 2011 about This Is England '88 coming to Channel 4 in December 2011. Cast Interviews
Featuring interviews with Thomas Turgoose(Shaun) & Rosamund Hanson (Smell), Chanel Cresswell (Kelly) & Danielle Watson (Trev), Vicky McClure (Lol), Joe Gilgun (Woody), and Andrew Shim (Milky).

TV Choice Magazine interview
A short interview with Shane about the series.

This Is Grimsby interview
An interview with Thomas Turgoose in his local paper. On-Set Report
An in depth report from the shoot of This Is England 88 Interview
An in-depth interview with Shane Interview with Vicky McClure

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Vicky McClure
Shaun Fields
Thomas Turgoose
Charlotte Tyree
Stephen Graham
Cynthia Fields
Jo Hartley
Andrew Shim

Joe Gilgun
Andrew Ellis
Rosamund Hanson
Chanel Cresswell
Danielle Watson
Evelyn (Nurse)
Helen Behan
George Newton
Johnny Harris
Michael Socha
Hannah Walters
Mr Sandhu
Kriss Dosanjh
Perry Fitzpatrick


Audio Commentary on episode three with Vicky McClure and Joe Gilgun.

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