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In Somers Town, a London neighborhood by St Pancras rail station, young Tom, who had nothing to keep him back home in Nottingham, encounters Marek, a young Polish immigrant with nothing to fill his days.
It's a mismatched friendship: Tom (dubbed Tomo by Marek) is full of youthful swagger and Marek, an amateur photographer who lives with his disciplinarian father, is more introspective and cautious. Their dynamic is uneasy and awkward at first as each teen believes himself to be the more mature, but a genuine rapport develops between the two.
W hen Tomo and Marek both fall for the same girl, the common ground between them is further solidified.

Shane moves from his usual Midlands setting down to London for Somers Town, but he explores territory quite familiar to him: the working class and fathers and sons. Thomas Turgoose, who stars as Tom, manages to be cocky and vulnerable at the same time, whether he's wearing a tracksuit or a housedress, and he lives up to the expectations of the most promising newcomer prize he received from the British Independent Film Awards for This is England.


The video below is a collection of stills from the film and features music by Gavin Clark.



Taken from Shane's own post on the FORUM on 2nd September 2007:

"I was approached by Eurostar about six months ago to see if I would make a feature length project around the Somers Town area of Kings Cross using kids from there, Paris and possibly Belgium. Although I was going to have creative control, I didn't really want to make a feature film with purely commercial funding and I was also pretty knackered after the T.I.E. release, so I turned it down.

However, I did have a shorter idea that I spoke to them about which I suggested they get (Paul) Fraser to write and said that I would consider doing that if I could re-charge my batteries for a few months and get the 'Le Donk' shoot out of the way.

The script was sent through to me a few weeks ago and to be honest, I was really impressed with what fraser had done and agreed to get involved. It is basically a 30 page script which tells the story of how a young Polish boy and his father come to London to live and work in Somers Town.



The story and the script for the film was written by Shane's long time friend and collaborator, Paul Fraser who also co-wrote Twentyfour Seven, A Room For Romeo Brass, and Once Upon a Time in the Midlands.

The film was originally developed as a promotional short film for Eurostar and their re-development of the Somers Town area. Funding was provided by Eurostar, but total artistic freedom was given to Shane to film his and Paul Fraser's vision, which included turning it into a full-length feature.

The musical score for the film is written by Gavin Clark, another long time friend and collaborator of Shane's.

The film was shot in London, Paris, and Warsaw.

Actors Thomas Turgoose and Piotr Jagiello were both born on the same day.



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Interview with Shane



Piotr Jagiello

Thomas Turgoose

Ireneusz Czop

Elisa Lasowski

Perry Benson

Kate Dickie


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