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12 year olds, Romeo and Gavin live next door to each other. They're the best of mates with a shared sense of humour that helps them survive in a landscape of comic losers and broken dreams. But their friendship is put to the test by a chance encounter. After a stranger saves them from being beaten up, the boys are only too happy to help their new hero and pal in his quest to date Romeo's sister. Little do they know they are being drawn into a world of dangerous obsession, desperation and violence; a world that threatens to tear the two friends apart.

From acclaimed director Shane Meadows 'A Room For Romeo Brass' is a contemporary coming-of-age story that is as funny as it is frightening.


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The story to A Room For Romeo Brass is semi-autobiographical. The relationship between Romeo and Gavin in the film mirrors the friendship of Shane and his best friend Paul Fraser (co-writer) at that age.

There was a period when Paul was confined to bed after a serious injury, and Shane soon started to hang around with lads a lot older than himself, getting up to allsorts (including getting a couple of tatoos while under age). While Paul was stuck in bed (and was off school for nearly two years), he began writing and entered, and won a competition.

There was another long period when Shane didn't see his best friend. Although this time it was because Shane had shot Paul in the stomach with an air rifle!
Paul's Mum soon made sure that Shane wasn't to be hanging around after that.
Although the story of the film is very different, it is clear to see the inspiration.


Singer / song-writer Gavin Clark has very kindly donated two versions of the song "If This Is Love" to the site.

Right click and 'Save As' to download the MP3 files, or click the Play button to listen.

Version One (picked version)

Version Two (strummed version)



Co-writer, Paul Fraser was originally to play Gavin's home Physio-therapist. Despite his scenes being filmed, they were later removed in the edit. The final scene in the garden originally included Paul Fraser's charcter, but because his character no longer played a part in the film, he had to be digitally removed.

Shane Meadows appears in the film as 'Fish and Chip Shop Man'

At the end of the film, there is a credit which reads: 'Male Nurse - Shaun Fields'. You work it out!

The two pictures below show the filming of a scene which does not appear in the final film. Gavin and Romeo are given a ride by Gavin's Dad in his restored, model bus. His Dad's fascination with buses doesn't really make the final film, although you can see evidence of it in some scenes.


An article explaining where some scenes of A Room For Romeo Brass were filmed in the village of Calverton. Features film stills.

Dean Rogers Photography
Stunning collection of on-set photography from A Room For Romeo Brass, Once Upon a Time in the Midlands, and Dead Man's Shoes.
Interview circa release of A Room For Romeo Brass.
In depth interview with Shane about the film and his life growing up.
Short interview with Shane
Short article and interview with Shane


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Commentary with Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine

Original Theatrical Trailer

Director's Video Diary

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