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The photograph above shows one of the hefty books of polaroid photographs that were used to keep track of continuity during the filming process.
As you can see, this book of photos is labelled 'Day 1'.. This doesn't refer to the first day of filming, but rather to the first day of the story in the script.

The photographs are used to keep track of all manner of things.. From the costumes and the specific way they were worn in each scene, to the way that the sets and locations were dressed at certain points.

Below is a small gallery of some of these photographs.

Stephen Graham as Combo.. The notes on the photo refer to the positions of tattoos

George Newton as Banjo.. The notes on the photo refer to the costume

Thomas Turgoose as Shaun Fields.

Shaun in class wearing his 'favourite' squirrel jumper.
This scene did not make the final cut of the film.

Ladene Hall as Shaun's teacher.
Ladene's appearance is not in the final cut of the film.

80's Girls!

80's Boys.. Nice Chopper!

Joe Gilgun as Woody, Stephen Graham as Combo, and George Newton as Banjo.

Vicky McClure as Lol, Chanel Cresswell as Kelly, and Danielle Watson as Trev.

80's Fords

A vintage copy of Operation in Shaun's bedroom.

During my visit to the location filming of This Is England, I was lucky enough to get a look at the roles of a number of different people involved in the business of film-making.
One such role I got to have a look at was film continuity.

Big thanks to Diarmid Scrimshaw who was in charge of continuity on 'This Is England'.

Diarmid let me take a look at some of the hundreds of polaroid photographs that had been taken throughout the shoot. Below is a small selection for your viewing pleasure.


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