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Second Assistant Director, Matt Huntley has kindly passed on a sizeable collection of photographs that he took duting the production of This Is England.. You can click on each photograph in the gallery below to show the full-size version.. Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

Section One: Crew and Cast (out of character):

Andrew Shim (Milky) and Thomas Turgoose (Shaun)

Louise Meadows, Shane Meadows, and Griffin (1st AD)

Andrew Shim (Milky) and Vicky McClure (Lol)

Shane Meadows being filmed by Al McKay (behind-the-scenes footage) and Dean Rogers (on-set photography)

Shane Meadows
"Time for din dins"

Matt Huntley (2nd AD) and Jo Hartley (Cynthia)

Catherine Scoble (Make-up Designer), Libby (Production) and,
Lilly (Make-up Assistant)

Perry Benson talking to Shane Meadows and Jo Thompson (Costume Designer)

Dean Rogers (on-set photographer)

Griffin (1st AD) talking to Shane Meadows.

George Newton (Banjo)

Perry Benson (Meggy) having his relaxation rudely interrupted.

Section Two: Cast in costume:

Andrew Ellis (Gadget)

Andrew Shim (Milky)

Thomas Turgoose (Shaun)

Jack O'Connell (Pukey)

Stephen Graham (Combo)

Stephen Graham's knuckle tattoo make-up

Stephen Graham (Combo) and George Newton (Banjo)

Stephen Graham (Combo) and George Newton (Banjo)

Jack O'Connell (Pukey)

Stephen Graham (Combo) and his mates as extras.

Andrew Ellis (Gadget)

Frank Harper and Thomas Turgoose (Shaun)

Jack O'Connell (Pukey), Thomas Turgoose (Shaun), and Andrew Ellis (Gadget)

Andrew Ellis (Gadget), Stephen Graham (Combo), George Newton (Banjo), and Perry Benson (Meggy)

Frank Harper, George Newton (Banjo), Stephen Graham (Combo), Thomas Turgoose (Shaun), and Perry Benson (Meggy)

Extras (names not known)

Matt Huntley (2nd AD) and Adam Booth (Set Runner) as extras.

Andrew Shim (Milky) and Joe Gilgun (Woody)

Thomas Turgoose (Shaun)

Keiran Hardcastle (Kez)

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