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Over the life-time of the website, there have been a few people who have wandered through the towns, cities, and countryside of the Midlands in order to track down the many locations used in Shane's films.
The two undisputed masters of location hunting are Paul (aka Sir Eric Thribb KG on the FORUM), and Roland (aka ukzombie on the FORUM).
If you have anything you think would be a good addition to this page, leave a message on the FORUM!


PAUL'S COLLECTION (Forum name = Sir Eric Thribb KG)

Paul has been surprising us on the forum for a good while now with his steady stream of photograhs of hard-to-find locations!
You can check out Paul's collection of location hunting photographs on his Flickr account.
Click on the film titles below to view his collection for each film.


You can also browse Paul's collection of photographs via this map onto which Paul has plotted the locations of his photographs.
Click on the map image to view.


ROLAND'S COLLECTION (Forum name = ukzombie)

Roland and his wife run the immense website which is crammed full of in depth location hunting for what must be hundreds of films.
Included in this huge project of hunting are Roland's photos and videos for Dead Man's Shoes and This Is England. But you don't just get the images, you also get a diary of their location hunting expedition and further details about the film and the locations. A great read!


This Is England
Dead Man's Shoes


JOE'S COLLECTION (Forum name = joem)

Back in the early days when this website was less than a year old (September 2005 to be precise), Forum visitor Joe offered up this small collection of photographs of Riber Castle and the town of Matlcok (as seen in Dead Man's Shoes).


Dead Man's Shoes
riber_castle_photos.htmriber castle


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Filming Locations Detectives
The location hunting website of forum regular ukzombie (real name Roland).
Very in depth location hunting diaries and photographs for hundreds of films.

Matlock's History
Interesting article about the history of Riber Castle and the town of Matlock.. The article features a few photographs from it's time as a private school in the early 1900's.

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