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15 years ago a roadie named Le Donk seemed to have it all. Now his life is shit.
He may have lost a classy girlfriend, but at least he's gained a side-kick and protégé in the shape of UK rapper, Scor-Zay-Zee.

With Meadows' fly-on-the-wall film crew in tow, Le Donk decides to take the UK rapper with him on a road trip that he hopes will change their lives forever, and with the help of the Arctic Monkeys, make Scor-Zay-Zee a star.



Le Donk was shot in five days and is the first film in what will hopefully be a challenging new idea for film-making... The Five Day Feature which will be championed by Warp Films.

The Arctic Monkeys gave Shane permission to film back-stage at their gigs. The band also appear in the film as themselves.

The first promo trailer for the film was created at a time when the film was originally going to be shown in black and white. The final film is now in colour.

After entering a short animated film into a mini-film making competition on the FORUM of this website, Bill Edwards (aka Chromebaby) was approached by Shane to make the opening credits of the film.

The entirety of the film's dialogue was improvised.


The story behind Bill Edward's animated opening sequence for the film, featuring previously unseen character development sketches. Click the image below!

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Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee press release / film notes
PDF document which contains a few pieces of interesting info, including a brief Q&A about the 5-Day Features idea and the credits for the film (which of course include a run-down of the films soundtrack).

EIFF Photo Call
Edinburgh International Film Festival Photo Call pictures.

EIFF After Party
Edinburgh International Film Festival premiere after-party photos. interview
Shane talks about Le Donk and the 5-Day-Features idea. interview with Bill Edwards
Interview with Bill Edwards (aka ChromeBaby on the FORUM) about creating the animated title sequence for the film. World Premiere After Party article
Short article about the after-party-on-a-budget. With some photos.
Short article about the Le Donk premiere.
Shane talks about the 5-Day Features idea.
Shane talks about the 5-Day Features idea.
Interview with Shane about Le Donk
Shane and Paddy Considine interviewed about Le Donk and 5-Day Features.

British Film Institute interview
Shane talks about Le Donk and 5-Day Features
Paddy Considine interview.
Short article about the opening premiere party.
Shane and Paddy Considine interview.
Interview with Shane, Paddy Considine, and Scor-zay-zee.


Le Donk
Paddy Considine

Le Donk's Ex
Olivia Colman

as himself

Shane Meadows
as Shane Meadows

Mark Herbert
as Mark Herbert

Le Donk's Ex's partner
Richard Graham

Le Donk's lodger
Seamus O'Neil

The Arctic Monkeys
as Themselves


Edinburgh international Film Festival Special Footage

Deleted scenes

Feature trailer

Big Things Trailer

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