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Two brothers return to the home town they left years before. They are close, but very different: Richard is strong and purposeful, Anthony younger, more hesitant. Everything Richard does, Anthony innocently mimics. He is slightly retarded and completely in awe of his brother, who in turn is very protective of him. They set up camp in the hills overlooking the town, reminiscing over their shared past. But they're not here to reminisce. Richard is here for revenge.

He knows who he wants and he knows where they live. The town he left eight years ago is still run by the same gang of small-time drug dealers and thugs. The threat of his presence is enough to instill suspicion and paranoia. Why is he back? What does he want? Who is he after?

A fantastic performance from Considine and a darker, yet still distinctive filmmaking style from Shane Meadows make this revenge thriller one of the most surprising movies of the year.

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BACKGROUND (taken from a Channel4 interview)

"I felt, in a way, as though I'd lost my way after Midlands. I was desperate to get back to being honest with myself in my next film. I had already been feeling this way and then happened to take a trip back to Uttoxeter, the town I grew up in. I was overwhelmed with sadness at what I saw there, and at some of the memories the visit jogged in me. We used to take a lot of drugs as we were growing up - there was nothing else to do to have fun - and some appalling tragedies happened as a result.

A close friend of mine who had been bullied developed a drug problem and then committed suicide. I couldn't believe that, going back ten years later, he had been totally forgotten in the town - it was as if he had never existed."

"I was filled with anger against the people who had bullied and pushed the drugs on him, and with despair at what drugs had done to that small community. What was done in the name of recreation had had such devastating results. I started to wonder what might happen if someone chose to try to right the wrongs that had been done, instead of ignoring the terrible tragedy of it all."

Take a look at the transcript of Shane's talk at the Brief Encounters short film festival in the EXTRAS section for more background information.



Singer / song-writer Nick Hemming has very kindly donated the song 'Monkey Hair Hide' to the site.
The track features in the film, but is not on the commercially released soundtrack CD.

Right click and 'Save As' to download the MP3 file, or click the Play button to listen.

Monkey Hair Hide



There is a credit at the end of the film which reads: "Director's Bodyguard - Tank Bullock". Tank Bullock is the character from 'Tank's Top Tips', the low-budget film making guides featured in Shane's World.

The old footage at the beginning of the film depicting Richard and Anthony as children is actually home movie footage which the producer's uncle provided.

The two young boys that feature towards the end of the film are Paddy Considine's nephews.

Shane Meadows' Mother and Father appear in one scene of the film alongside Andrew Shim (who played Romeo in A Room For Romeo Brass, and Donut in Once Upon A Time in the Midlands).


LINKS .... (visit the MEDIA page for audio and video links).
Official Dead Man's Shoes Website

BBC4 Video Interview
Stuart Maconie interviews Shane about Dead Man's Shoes on the BBC4 show 'The DVD Collection'.

BBC Radio Nottingham Interview
Shane Meadows and Toby Kebbell interviewed about Dead Man's Shoes and more.. Check the top-right of the Radio Nottingham page for the audio links. at Edinburgh Film Festival 2004
Listen to two short audio clips of Shane talking about the reaction to Dead Man's Shoes at the festival, and his short film making. The article on the page is basically a transcript of the audio.

Dead Man's Shoes Poster Image
A jpeg of the Dead Man's Shoes poster at a size of 1024x768

Dean Rogers - Photography
Stunning collection of on-set photography from A Room For Romeo Brass, Once Upon a Time in the Midlands, and Dead Man's Shoes.

Jigsaw Lounge Interview
An interesting interview about the production of Dead Man's Shoes at the time of the films premier at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2004. CONTAINS SPOILERS!
Interview circa the release of Dead Man's Shoes.
Interview circa the release of Dead Man's Shoes.
Interview circa the release of Dead Man's Shoes.
A nice in depth article and interview about Dead Man's Shoes and Shane's early shorts.
An interview with Shane on the eve of the release of Dead Man's Shoes.


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Northern Soul short film

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Original Ending

Dangermouse Music Video

Short animated section from the Dead Man's Shoes graphic novel.

Commentary with Shane Meadows, Paddy Considine, and producer, Mark Herbert.

Hidden Extra - Commentary out-take

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