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The following gallery of photos were taken during the ADR sessions for Shane's new film, This Is England
ADR stands for either 'Additional Dialogue Recording' or 'Automated Dialogue Replacement' depending on who you ask, and basically involves re-recording any bad audio for the final sound mix of the film.
Cast members were called back for a day to re-record lines of dialogue that they had originally spoken on film almost twelve months previous!

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From left to right: Perry Benson (Meggy), Thomas Turgoose (Shaun), Shane Meadows, (unknown man) obscuring Jack O'Connell (Pukey), Keiran Hardcastle (Kez).

Shane Meadows briefing Andrew Shim (Milky),
Vicky McClure (Lol), Jack O'Connell (Pukey),
Andrew Ellis (Gadget), Keiran Hardcastle (Kez),
Perry Benson (Meggy).

Jack O'Connell (Pukey), Andrew Ellis (Gadget), Thomas Turgoose (Shaun), Perry Benson (Meggy).

George Newton (Banjo), Rosamund Hanson (Smell),
Thomas Turgoose (Shaun).

Stephen Graham (Combo).

Vicky McClure (Lol).

Perry Benson (Meggy).


Rosamund Hanson (Smell) recording dialogue.

Andrew Shim (Milky), Joe Gilgun (Woody),
Jack O'Connell (Pukey), Thomas Turgoose (Shaun),
Andrew Ellis (Gadget), Keiran Hardcastle (Kez).

Joe Gilgun (Woody), Andrew Shim (Milky).

Rosamund Hanson (Smell).


Keiran Hardcastle (Kez).


Stephen Graham (Combo).

Vicky McClure (Lol) recording dialogue.

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